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CellSense Technologies is a manufacturer of advanced Brillouin Microscope systems for mechanobiological applications ranging from cell biology to biomedicine, from developmental biology to tissue engineering, from pharmacology to cancer research. Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, CellSense combines the highest level of technical expertise with visionary applications.

Driven by inspiration and ambition, we believe that only the best tools are good enough for the study of life. We listen to our users’ challenges with a scientist’s ear and find innovative solutions to individual problems.

At CellSense, we are dedicated to advancing the field of mechanobiology through our expertise in microscopy. We provide Brillouin Microscopy to researchers engaged in both basic and translational research. Our aim is to integrate Brillouin Microscopy as a standard tool for studying mechanobiology and for innovating within 3D cell culture systems. Brillouin technology allows researchers to explore and understand mechanical properties of organelles, cells, organoids, tissues, biomaterials and organisms, opening new possibilities in scientific discoveries and industrial applications.

Brillouin Microscopy earned its place in The Guardian’s Top 10 biggest science stories of 2022, alongside exciting topics from space exploration to climate research, and from number theory to developing new antibiotics. Clearly, Brillouin Microscopy already demonstrated great potential and impact for wide areas of applications. Since than it has evolved rapidly and has gained more and more recognition.

Brillouin Microscopy is enhancing life science research by offering a non-invasive way to analyze cell and tissue stiffness. This method avoids the damage associated with traditional techniques, providing valuable insights that can aid in the early detection of diseases and improve our understanding of cellular mechanics. By enabling detailed observations of mechanical changes in cells, Brillouin Microscopy supports advances in medical diagnostics and research.

Find it the original article here: https://www.theguardian.com/science/2022/dec/18/the-10-biggest-science-stories-of-2022-chosen-by-scientists

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