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Who we are

Cellsense technologies is a German manufacturer of advanced Brillouin Microscopes. The company is based in Berlin, a vibrant hotspot of innovation and pioneering spirit.
The Cellsense team has strong experience and a long history in mechanobiology instrumentation and applications.
Together with the research community and a large network of collaborators, partners and suppliers we create high quality instruments Made in Berlin.

Our philosophy

Success comes only by listening to the needs of customers in detail to develop an understanding of their challenges and providing a reliable and innovative solution. At CellSense, knowledge and expertise from advanced optics to biology and medicine, precision engineering and information technology are applied to provide innovative products to meet the ever-increasing demands of the life scientist wishing to understand mechanobiology better.

If we design a new product – we never make compromises. Premium quality, originality, innovation, and precision with a commitment to German traditional engineering are key values for our work.

We are a very open company. The CellSense development team works with an international network of leading scientists and industry experts to develop premium class instruments. Additionally, we are looking all the time for collaborations with top researchers worldwide to address new application fields together.

CellSense hosts an interdisciplinary and international team of specialists from software development to engineering from biology to physics, from business administration to marcom. All of them share the same passion to develop state-of-the-art instruments and deliver personalized service. We offer a playground for creative people, and we are convinced that playing in a team and personal freedom are combinable.

CellSense is a very family-friendly company. In these hectic times our families giving us a ground to recover and collect new power. One of our core values is taking responsibility for what we do, especially for our customers, our staff, our partners and the people around us. Fair play is another essential value for us in the daily business life with customers and competition. We work with many of the world’s leading research institutions sharing news and views. By providing a means of sharing information on research and applications, we hope to create a forum for the curious, the inquisitive through freedom of expression to acquire knowledge to inspire our future plans for development.

In CellSense cutting-edge technology is our passion. We feel responsible for our products and services AND our customers and employees. We believe in high ethical and environmental standards in all that we do. Sustainability is an important topic for us in our daily life. Managing our company means for us playing in a team. We trust in each other and in our corporate vision “paving new ways in Mechanobiology”.

CellSense origin

Cellsens was founded by the 2 ex-founders and managers from JPK Instruments AG, namely the J (Torsten Jähnke) and the K (Jörn Kamps) from JPK. Completing the team by an experienced finance manager Marc Diesing.

JPK was the first dedicated AFM company with a clear focus to bring AFM into the life sciences. This has been our mission for the last 2 decades. In this interdisciplinary environment JPK were helping pioneering mechanobiology instrumentation and method development for a broad range of applications.

Our management

Torsten Jähnke
  • CTO
  • Physicist
  • More than 20 years of entrepreneurial experience in the high technology sector
  • Co-founder of several start-ups in the fields of nanotechnology, life sciences and high technology
  • 22+ years of experience as Chief Technology Officer also in a publicly traded company
  • Strong expertise in strategic market positioning, product development, marketing, sales development, IP strategy
Marc Clemens Diesing
  • CFO
  • MBA
  • More than 25 years of management experience in medium-sized and publicly listed companies
  • Strong background in the semiconductor, life sciences and high-end instrumentation markets
  • Extensive experience in corporate finance, investment management and financial restructuring, people and culture
Jörn Kamps
  • COO
  • Physicist
  • More than 20 years of entrepreneurial experience in the high technology sector
  • Co-founder of several start-ups in the fields of nanotechnology, life sciences and high technology
  • More than 22 years of experience as Chief Operations Officer also in a publicly traded company
  • Distinct competence in the areas of operations, procurement, logistics and compliance